New, Free, Web App for L.A. County Science Olympiad Available

We are pleased to announce the emerging development of a WebApp that should facilitate your participation at the Science Olympiad. This is a field test of theWebApp for the Science Olympiad at Rio Hondo College. Check it out.

Event Locations

The app will show the approximate location of the events. This should help your students, volunteers, chaperones, etc. to find their way around campus. 


The app includes a schedule where individuals can select their events and have them saved in a personal schedule. Try it out.

Additional Features

There are links to a PDF version of the schedule and a campus map. A variety of other features are under consideration. You are an important part of the testing of the app. Your feedback is welcomed on this pre-alpha version of the software.


Although the information in the app has been reviewed and updated to match the anticipated Final Schedule at Oxy, rooms and venues may be subject to change. Any last minute changes may not be reflected in this app. The published schedules rule! Last minute updates at check-in, if they are announced, rule! Changes posted on Twitter (@LACoSciOly) rule!

At this sage of development, the app resides online. There is nothing to download. Your selections as part of the app are retained in your cache on your device. Try the app on a phone or tablet that you will use during the competition at Science Olympiad.

Thanks to the development team that has been working hard on this development! And thanks to you for being part of the field test.