Instructions for Submitting Game On Components

The Southern California rubric ( SoCal Game On Rubric.pdf) will be used in place of the rubric specified in the rules, and teams may submit images in advance according to the Southern California Game On rules changes at (look for "Game On 2018 Changes" after clicking on the "State" menu).

Below are the submission instructions for the Rio Hondo competition:

• The theme is "Breakfast" and the game type is "Collection"

• Submitting files is optional and there will be no score penalty if a team chooses not to submit files in advance. However, teams should keep in mind that quality and originality of sprites and backgrounds is a component of the score, and that preparing files in advance can allow more time for other tasks during the competition.

• Images must be submitted by email to

Deadline: Game image submissions will be accepted up to 11:59 pm on February 23.

• When submitting, provide your team name and which competition you are submitting for (i.e. Rio Hondo regional)

• Only image files will be accepted (no .sprite2 files or other); "sprite" and "background" refers only to images, and not to sounds or code that may be included in .sprite2 files.

• Acceptable formats:

- a link to Dropbox / Google drive / online hosting where the images are stored
- attachment of individual images to the email
- archive format (like a .zip file) containing multiple images

• All game images must be in formats that can be imported by Scratch.

• Submitted images must not be password protected or encrypted.

• There will be a folder for each team on every computer station containing the submitted files. Each team will have access to the submitted files from their own team as well as every other team. Each team may use any of these resources.

• If submitted content was not created by the team members (I.e. downloaded from the internet), the source of the material must be cited and proof must be given that the material is under a creative commons / similar royalty-free license.

• Teams may revise their submissions with additional emails up to the submission deadline.