New Fee Structure for 2018 Los Angeles County Science Olympiad

coin in hand.png

The Los Angeles County Science Olympiad is announcing a reduction in fees for team participation in the 2018 competitions. 

2018 Fees:
Division A (Grades 4-6): $300/team
Division B (Grades 6-9): $325/team
Division C (Grades 9-12): $325/team

The new fee structure includes fees for county, state and national science olympiads. The new fees are aligned with all other science olympiads in the Southern California area.

All team registrations will be conducted online as it has the past several years. In addition, team registration fees can be paid directly with a link to the State Science Olympiad account through PayPal. The process will be similar to the fee payment process instituted by the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad last year.  NOTE: You do not need a PayPal account to send team registration fees to the State Science Olympiad. 

Detailed registration information will be posted as soon as the registration and payments links are established and tested by the Southern California State Science Olympiad. Check the Science Olympiad News section of this web site for updates.