Important Information About the Antelope Valley College Competition

Dear Coaches,

This information is provided to help insure that you have the best possible experience at the Science Olympiad. Although much of this information has been shared in other messages and online, these are points of clarification and information where questions often arise. Please review this summary. Thanks!

Rules Clarifications

Please review the clarifications that have been made prior to the Science Olympiad. These are posted online.

Division A Rules Updates
Division B Rules Updates
Division C Rules Updates

Los Angeles County Science Olympiad is a competition for students in grades 4 through 12.


Follow us on twitter @LACoSciOly. For information about following us on Twitter see: Follow Us on Our Twitter Feed to Get the Latest Information. We will be updating there with any last minute information/changes.

Science Olympiad Code and Ethics & General Rules

Please review with your students and parents the Science Olympiad Code and Ethics & General Rules. Additional, detailed information can be found on the National Science Olympiad Code of Ethics page. It is expected that all coaches have read and shared this information to their team and volunteers.


Team check-in will take place in the main quad area starting at 7:30 am, in front of the Health and Sciences Building (HS), near the courtyard. As logistics permit, early registration may be available, feel free to check in the area and see if registration is open. The head coach of the team, or his/her representative, should go to the registration area to check-in and to turn in registration materials. At registration we will trade your packet for an envelope with your wristbands and any last minute materials that may be provided. It is important that you check the packet right away, in case there are any last minute changes or other important information.

The registration materials we’re expecting from each coach include:

  • Final Team Roster with the name of the students and grade level.
  • General Release for all participants, parents, chaperones, coaches, volunteers, non-participating students, and guests of the teams.
  • Photo Release for all participants, alternates, parents, chaperones, coaches, volunteers, non-participating students, and guests of the teams.
  • Volunteer Code of Conduct forms for each of your volunteers.
  • These forms can be downloaded from the website. Clickable link: Registration Documents

Please assemble all of these items in a large envelope with the name of the school and your team number on the outside. Do not staple any items. After providing all of the items requested to the staff in the Registration Check-In table, you will receive a packet which will include the 15 wristbands, a map, a schedule, any updates, and other information.

You will need to download and make sure you print off enough copies of the map and event schedule for your students, parents, and guests before arriving on campus. The Olympiad may not provide multiple copies of the map and event schedule. Please duplicate sufficient copies of maps and schedules to meet the needs of your students, volunteers, chaperones, parents, and other guests.

15 Official Team Members Roster

The roster must list all of the participating students and their grade level. The head coach signs the roster to certify compliance with maximum number of students in grades 6, 9, and 12 permitted on the team, and that all of the students are valid members of the school team. Remember that these limits are: Division A (elementary) a maximum of five 6th graders, Division B, a maximum of five 9th graders, and in Division C, a maximum of sever 12th graders. Our current practice at the Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad is for the head-coach of the team to bring and submit a final official roster of participating students on the day of the tournament during the morning check-in time. The head-coach needs to also submit any of the various release forms and code of ethics forms that are required. If there is a change in the composition of the team, this is simply recorded on the roster you bring on the day of the event. Clickable link: Registration Documents.


Wristbands are provided for your team members. You will receive fifteen (15) wristbands when you check-in. It is expected that the students (maximum fifteen) that you bring will compete in as many of the events as your team plans to participate as some schools do not compete in all of the events.  Please be aware that there is no maximum or minimum number of events that a given student must compete. Teams may employ an organizational system that includes maximum or minimum number of events for students in order to manage their team and schedule, but that is not a requirement at the Science Olympiad tournament. Schools may not substitute team members during the tournament. Count your wristbands before you leave the registration area to be sure you have the correct number.

If you have students who do not have photo release, we will trade out the wristbands for those students for wristbands of another color, helping photographers to know and avoid photographing those students.

Photography on the Day of the Event

We will have media and official photographers on the day of the tournament.  If your student(s) do not wish to be in photos/videos on the day of the event, they should be instructed to remove themselves from the photo, videos, and/or interview situations to avoid compromising the information for broadcasting and newscasts, as instructed on the required photo release forms.

Please note that individuals can only take pictures of a device if the device belongs to the photographer's affiliated school. In the case that a team wants to take pictures of another school's device(s), permission from the owner of the device(s) must be given. Please refer to the National Science Olympiad Media Recommendation and check unacceptable scenarios 1 and 4.  If your team has a unique design that you do not want other teams to use, please make sure you take the needed action to protect it by covering the device in some manner.

Traffic Rules & Parking

Antelope Valley College has generously arranged for free parking on the day of the Science Olympiad. Please observe all posted parking signage and directions and remind all of your team parents guests the same.

Maps and Schedules

There will be a limited number of maps and schedules available at the registration table. There will not be copies for every member of your team, parents, or other guests.  Please print off enough copies for your team members and guests.

Clickable link: Antelope Valley College Map
Clickable link: Event Schedules

School Bus Parking

School busses may park in the parking lots on campus.

Staging Area

Teams are welcome to select a location for a “home base” during the Science Olympiad. The location of team staging areas is important to the safety of all Science Olympiad participants. Maintaining emergency access is essential. Please do not set-up canopies or team staging areas on paved walkways or roads.

Food Service on Campus

Antelope Valley College has arranged for the Subway restaurant on-campus to be open between 8:00 and 4:00 the day of the Science Olympiad (perhaps longer). There are a variety of fast food options near campus and parking is free and convenient with in and out access throughout the day.

Parent Volunteer Assignments

Parent Volunteer Assignments are posted on the website and were forwarded to you via email. You can either ask 1 parent volunteer to complete the assignment or several parent volunteers to split up the time.

Each volunteer must complete the Volunteer Code of Conduct form. This is a two sided sheet that must be downloaded, printed, completed and turned in at registration.

Please make sure you let your parent volunteers know when and where they need to be there on the day of the event. There are no cards for the event supervisor to sign certifying that the volunteers completed their assignment. We will follow the honor code, but if volunteers do not complete the assignment, the event supervisor will notify the Science Olympiad Organizing Committee. When your volunteer(s) report to the assignment, they need to let the event supervisor(s) know that they're a parent volunteer and the school they're representing.  If you have any questions regarding your assignment, please let us know.

Clickable link: Volunteer Assignments

Awards Ceremony

The awards presentations range across the late afternoon and evening; you can expect it to be cold in the stadium. The bleachers may be cold and cushions, pillows, and blankets are recommended. Check local weather forecasts in advance and be prepared for a range of weather conditions.


If your team needs to file an appeal, the head coach may complete an arbitration form, making sure that the Event Supervisor signs it, before bringing it to the staging area at the Health and Sciences building, near the registration area. Only the head coach of the team can submit an appeal. They may be accompanied only by the students who participated in the appealing event.

Clickable link: Appeals and Arbitration

The Elementary Science Olympiad focuses on fun and team collaboration. We seek to avoid appeals regarding fine points of the elementary events. However, we appreciate coaches’ feedback about the events and concerns that the you may have. The official coach my share concerns with the Science Olympiad Organizing Committee during the course of the tournament, or via email following the day. No students or parents are permitted to engage Science Olympiad volunteers or leaders regarding such feedback.

Science Olympiad Handbook

A helpful set of tips, answers to questions you may not have thought to ask, and other information is listed in the Science Olympiad Handbook. This document can be downloaded as a PDF from the website.

Clickable link: Science Olympiad Handbook

Preparing for the Elementary Science Olympiad

The Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad includes priorities and protocols that are unique to the tournament. Some tips for preparing students are shared in a document that can be downloaded as a PDF from the website.

Clickable link: Preparing for the Elementary Science Olympiad