Dealing with Schedule Conflicts

Sometimes your team might have a scheduling conflict where a student or students are scheduled for the two events in the same time slot. It is not possible to change the time slot to accommodate a team's time conflict.

This is the biggest challenge for everyone and it is part of the competition. There are no exceptions made for conflict challenges in the schedule.

There is important rationale involving the logistics of the day and the number of teams participating at any given time, but the important answer is that the schedule is firm and teams must participate at their assigned time. Teams with greater depth (more students prepared for more events) have an advantage, which is part of the overall competition.

You might ask, "what if I can find another school that will switch with me?" The response remains "no, it is not possible to switch." Sometimes switching can create problems in scoring, especially if there is a question related to the team's results or exam. The schedule is firm.