New Event Schedules Posted for Division A

An updated schedule for the Division A Science Olympiad at Antelope Valley College and for Occidental College have been posted in the Events/Schedules > 2017 Event Schedules section of this Web site.

The previous schedule included an entry for Engineering Design which is incorrect. There is no part of the Engineering Design event that will take place on the day of the Science Olympiad competition. All parts of this event are communicated online, prior to the Science Olympiad day.

The new posted schedule has been corrected to reflect this. Be sure you are using the latest, posted version of the Division A Schedule of Events.

There may be other changes to the schedule, but if there are, they are expected to be minor. It is alway possible that there will be changes to room numbers or other event venues. Sometimes those details change at the last minute, so keep your eye out online for changes.

Revised Division A Schedule of Events for Antelope Valley College (Revised 1/27/17 1:17 PM) 
Revised Division A Schedule of Events for Occidental College (Revised 1/27/17 1:35 PM)