Form for Submitting Final Pill Bugs Event Data Now Available

The online form for submitting data for the Division A Pill Bugs Event–PART 3 is now available in the Coach's section of this Web site. Only the first form submitted by a team will be scored. Forms submitted after the first form will be ignored.

Important: Online submissions must all represent student work. Students may type in the box, or cut and paste text from previously prepared documents. It is the responsibility of the Science Olympiad coach for the team to assure that all work submitted is student work.

For this final submission there are only two parts: share your observations/data as they relate to the student's question, and student conclusions based on their data. Responses need not be lengthy, but should be specific, and sufficient to communicate clearly.

Remember to submit the third set of information on or before th deadline on February 5, 2016.

The final part of the Pill Bugs event will occur during registration on the day of the competition. Please bring original student notes, data tables, and conclusions to the Science Olympiad on the day of the tournament as evidence of your investigation and experimentation. You may include a few photos as well. These items will not be returned. All of this material should be included in a large envelope and submitted with your team name and number when you check in at registration.

Good luck and thanks for participting in the 30th Annusl Los Angeles County Science Olympiad.