Registration Update

Thanks for your interest in the Science Olympiad! We are motivated by your desire to provide this opportunity for your students.

Online applications, the first step in registering a team to participate, have been robust! Indeed, We have exceeded the capacity for Division B at the Occidental College venue and may exceed the capacity for Division A and Division C as well.

Remember that completion of the online application to participate does not constitute registration. Registration is complete when the Guarantee of Insurance form is signed, submitted, and received, along with receipt of the registration fees.

Since we anticipate that we will not be able to accommodate all of the schools that have expressed interest by completing the online application, please consider participating at the Antelope Valley College venue. This venue has proved to be a very successful tournament, with fewer teams and excellent facilities.

If you would like to change your application to the Antelope Valley College venue, even if your registration is complete, please let us know. This allows us to serve more schools and promotes the Science Olympiad in Los Angeles.