Flight Events—Venue Dimensions at Antelope Valley College

Preparation for flight events at the Science Olympiad should include the ability to fly successfully under a variety of conditions. The venue for the competition may be larger or smaller than the space where teams have been practicing. Expertise fine-tuning the flying apparatus to accommodate even last minute changes and conditions may contribute to the success of the students. The venue space may include obstacles near the ceiling. The venue space may not be square. The ceiling may not be as high as a school gymnasium where students have been practicing. These real-world type challenges are part of the spirit of the Science Olympiad.

Estimated information regarding competition space may be shared with team in advance if it is available. This information should be used judiciously as the information may be estimated and should not be viewed as a guarantee that the actual conditions will precisely match the estimates. It is also possible that the competition space may change due to last minute requirements that may arise.

At Antelope Valley College, the space in room SCT 100 is estimated to be approximately 100-110 feet x 60-70 feet x 35 feet high.