Weather Update–Occidental College

“Rain or Shine” - Science Olympiad Weather Update

The forecast for Saturday, February 28th indicates a daytime high of 62°F. As you have probably noticed, the forecast shows about a 50% chance of for showers. Basically: cold and wet weather is a possibility.

The Science Olympiad is a “rain or shine” event. We will do all we can to hold all of the events, indoors and outdoors, unless it is unsafe or unreasonable. If the weather is severe enough that an event cannot be reasonably, safely, or fairly completed, we will cancel that event. These decisions will be made on a case by case basis.

We will hold on to our optimism. However, the following information is important for your planning.

Teams must understand that there is no indoor shelter where students and adults can retreat in the event of rain. It is up to each school to bring a canopy and appropriate rain clothing to deal with the uncertainty of the weather. Individuals are not permitted to crowd into already busy hallways and common areas on campus if it rains. This creates an unsafe condition that could force the closure of the Science Olympiad tournament. If it rains heavily or steadily, it is up to each school to determine if it is reasonable to shelter under outdoor canopies or head home.

If weather permits the indoor events to continue, and teams do not crowd interior spaces in an unsafe way, the Science Olympiad will proceed to the best of our ability. Your cooperation and flexibility will be critical to this success.

The awards presentations are scheduled outdoors in the stadium. If the weather dictates, the awards presentation may be cancelled. All earned awards will be mailed to the schools.

Cross your fingers for good weather and bring layers of clothing and pads to sit on—it will likely be cold in the outdoor stadium seats.