Weather Update and Awards Presentation–Antelope Valley College

The weather forecast for the Science Olympiad tomorrow is beautiful, ranging from 46° F at 7:00 AM to a high of 77° F at 3:00 in the afternoon. By the time the awards are completed, the temperature will be down to 67 F and the sun will have set. Consider the forecast and bring layers of clothing so that you will be comfortable during a range of temperatures.

The Elementary Science Olympiad awards will be held in the Health and Sciences Building Courtyard. These awards will not take long, but there is limited seating in the area. Please consider bringing a cushion if you will be uncomfortable sitting on the ground or on concrete benches.

The Awards Presentation for Division B and C will take place in the stadium. You are welcome to bring pillows, seat cushions or blankets to cushion the bleachers if you prefer. Thank you for your patience as we complete the scoring in preparation for the presentation of the awards. We know you are anxious to learn of the results and I promise that we will be doing our best to get the events scored and ready for presentation.