Volunteer Assignments for Occidental College Are Now Posted

Most Science Olympiad events take several adults to keep the event running smoothly. The Event Supervisor designs the competition, scores students' work, and reports student scores to Science Olympiad Headquarters.

To accomplish this in the time allotted for each event requires volunteers. There are more than 70 different events that require two or three volunteers. In short, volunteers are a critical component to the success of the Science Olympiad.

The Event Supervisors are expecting volunteers from schools to show up. Volunteers are asked to let the Event Supervisors know what school they’re representing. The Event Supervisors will report back to the Headquarters if a volunteer from a school doesn’t show up.

 Click on the link to the 2014 Los Angeles Regional Parent Volunteers for Occidental College and find your school. Your team is responsible for providing a volunteer to assist with the listed event. Check the Schedule of Events to determine where the event is being held and ensure that your volunteer will be at the location before the time your volunteer is expected to report.