Team Staging Areas

Teams are welcome to select a location for a “home base” during the Science Olympiad. The location of team staging areas is important to the safety of all Science Olympiad participants. Maintaining emergency access is essential. The available space for setting up team staring areas, including canopies, folding chairs, etc. is shown on a campus map posted on the website. It is important that staring area be set up only in these areas. Please review the map and follow the directions of campus security, who will be on campus in the designated area. A rule of thumb is that your staging area should be off the paved areas, as these provide emergency access and clearance.

 Please use good judgment and courtesy as you arrange your areas/shade canopies. The paved areas (which are off limits) provide natural lines and space. In some of the more open grassy areas, you will need to cooperate to establish access and space. Courtesy also indicates that your area should be limited and not include several canopies. Canopies should not be larger than 12’x12.’ There is simply not space to spread out as much as you might prefer. We are very grateful for the support of Occidental College - please do all you can to be courteous guests on campus. Teams are not permitted to select and reserve a location the day before the Science Olympiad, or before sunrise on Saturday.

IMPORTANT: All shade canopies must be constructed of a flame retardant material and must be tagged indicating compliance. The Fire Marshall or Campus Security may check for these tags and may require that canopies not in compliance be removed. Fire requirements prohibit cooking and any open flame. Under no circumstances should you cook or reheat food during the day.