Parking Shuttle Arrangements

Parking on campus at Occidental College is limited. A twenty-four (24) seat mini-bus bus will shuttle passengers between Eagle Rock Plaza parking lot and Occidental College, according to the schedule indicated below. Look for the “Fast Deer” bus.

Please park in the area east of the Target store near the corner of Colorado Blvd. and  Sierra Villa Drive. Enter the parking structure from Sierra Villa Drive and park on either level is this area. The shuttle will depart from the upper level.

Remember: Please observe all posted parking signage and directions and remind all of your team parents and guests the same. Do not block the recycling area.

This shuttle bus service is provided in an attempt to facilitate parking arrangements and make your day at the Science Olympiad a little more convenient.

6:30 AM – 9:30 AM         Two shuttles will run continuously (as needed) between the remote parking area at Eagle Rock Plaza and the Occidental College campus.  Drivers may drop off students/passengers, equipment, coolers and other belongings at the college, then drive to Eagle Rock Plaza where they may leave their cars and take the shuttle to campus.

9:30 AM – 4:30 PM         One shuttle will run as needed between Occidental campus and the remote parking area at Eagle Rock Plaza, providing service back to the remote parking area as needed. During this time, service from the remote lot to campus is not guaranteed.

4:30 PM – 7:30 PM         Three shuttles will run continuously (as needed) between the Occidental College campus and the remote parking area at Eagle Rock Plaza. Drivers may ride the shuttle to retrieve their cars and return to pick up students/passengers etc. As space on the mini-bus permits, students may also ride to the remote lot but please do not transport large items on the shuttles. Courtesy indicates that if there is a waiting line to ride the shuttle, that drivers only take the bus to the remote parking lot and then return to pick up passengers on campus.

Please drop off students on campus and then park at Eagle Rock Plaza where a shuttle bus will be available to drive you to campus. There will be some parking on campus, and there is some parking in the neighborhood, but that parking is limited. Campus security will have a presence at all of the entrances and will direct you - but be prepared to park remotely.