New Guide Released for Elementary Science Olympiad

The Los Angeles County Science Olympiad has released its guide Preparing for the Elementary Science Olympiad.

The guide is shared to help you understand the philosophy and priorities of the Elementary Science Olympiad and prepare your students. Please refer to the Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad Handbook, which was written in response to questions and observations made during many years of the Science Olympiad. The Handbook includes general preparation information for the Science Olympiad.

This guide includes a description of several categories of events that are commonly included in the elementary division, along with a few “ways to prepare” (WTP). These are suggestions for strategies and topics that may help your students have fun and success at the Science Olympiad. This guide includes examples to illustrate the types of preparation that might be helpful. Please note that the events used in these examples may or may not be part of the Elementary Science Olympiad in a particular year.

Link: Preparing for the Los Angeles County Elementary Science Olympiad