Rain or Shine: Science Olympiad Weather Update for Occidental College

The Science Olympiad is a "Rain or Shine" event. If there is rain, we will attempt to conduct all of the events, unless it is unsafe or not reasonable to conduct the event fairly. There is no option for teams to shelter indoors. Teams may bring a shade cover and are advised to watch the weather forecast as the day draws near and bring appropriate clothing. Please do not crowd indoor spaces, which could result in officials shutting down the event.

Experience has shown that if there is light rain, most teams will be fine and have a really fun day, in spite of the rain. If rain is heavier, some teams may determine that they would prefer to return home, which is fine. No notification is required.

We expect to conduct the awards presentation. As you have been informed, there is a chance that a Lacrosse game being held on the field may run long. This is not expected, but possible. If the game runs long, we will delay the awards slightly. Schools who prefer not to stay may leave and the coach may pick up the medals in behalf of the team. We expect to have the scoring done by 3:00 PM.

NOTE: Canopies for Team Staging Areas

Teams may bring one or two canopies per team. Fire regulations indicate that the maximum size may not be larger than 12'x12'.


  • We will conduct the Science Olympiad, rain or shine.

  • There is no indoor shelter space available.

  • Do not crowd indoor spaces.

  • Awards are expected to proceed.

  • If you determine to leave, a coach may pick up the medals.