Photographing or Videotaping Other Teams

Taking photographs or videotaping of other teams and/or their devices is not allowed.

School representatives, including parents, may videotape and take photos of their own students as they compete and posing for photos after a competition is allowed.

In some cases, a school may allow another team to take photos of the equipment/devices they have constructed, but this must always be done with the permission of the team being photographed. Taking photos or video without permission is bad etiquette and is not permitted at the Science Olympiad. Teams that violate this practice may be sanctioned.

We are mindful that a school may want to photograph or videotape their own students and therefore have not banned cameras in the open events. This decision reflects long-standing trust and appreciation for the courtesy of participating teams. Please discuss this with your team members, parents, and volunteers. Make sure that this policy is clearly understood.

Official photographers and/or videographers may be on site to document the Science Olympiad for various of media purposes. These individuals are permitted to take photos and videotape and will obtain permission before recording devices from design events.