Coaches Update for Occidental College

This information is provided to help insure that you have the best possible experience at the Science Olympiad. Although much of this information has been shared in other messages and online, these are points of clarification and information where questions often arise. Please review this summary. Thanks! 


Team check-in will take place starting at 7:30 am in front of the main entrance to Hinchcliffe Hall, near the kinetic water fountain sculpture. This is the same location as registration has been for several years and may appear as "Swan Hall" on some maps. As logistics permit, registration may be available before 7:30 am. The head coach of the team, or his/her representative, may check-in the team. The registration materials we're expecting are:

  • Final Team Roster

  • General Release for all participants

  • Photo Release for all participants

  • Volunteer Code of Conduct forms for each of your volunteers.

These forms should be downloaded from the website. Note that the blue headings are hot links to the forms.

Please use a large envelope
Please assemble all of these items in a large envelope with the name of the school and your team number on the outside. Do not staple any items. After providing all of the items requested to the staff in the Registration Check-In table, you will receive a packet which will include wristbands, a map, a schedule, any updates, and other information.

15 Official Team Members Roster 

The roster must list all of the participating students and their grade level. The head coach signs the roster to certify compliance with the registration rules. 


Schools may not substitute team members during the tournament. If an emergency should arise and a student on your team is unable to compete, you should discuss that situation with a member of the Science Olympiad Organizing Committee. Count your wristbands before you leave the registration area. For students without have photo release, we will trade those wristbands for wristbands of another color.  

Maps and Schedules 

Please download and print enough copies for your team members and guests.  

Science Olympiad Code and Ethics & General Rules 

Please review with your students and parents the Science Olympiad Code and Ethics & General Rules posted on the National Web Page  

Rules Clarifications 

Please review the clarifications that have been made prior to the Science Olympiad. These are posted online.

Traffic Rules & Parking 

Please observe all posted parking signage and directions and require all of your team parents and guests to do the same. The Science Olympiad impacts the local community and we ask all participants to be considerate, respectful, and obey all posted rules and laws. Failure to attend to this courtesy and observing all parking requirements will place our relationship with Occidental College in jeopardy. Vehicles parked in violation of parking rules may be ticketed and may be towed at the owner's expense. 

Passenger Vehicle Student Drop Off 

Please refer to the Occidental College Campus Logistics map, which is posted on the website. Passenger vehicles may drop off students, devices, and other team support materials on Weller Road. Please enter campus at the intersection of Armadale and Campus Road. This is a major access road from York. Campus Safety officers will direct traffic. Be prepared to drop off equipment and passengers quickly and then exit the area. Drivers may then drive to Eagle Rock Plaza to park and ride the shuttle bus back to campus. The shuttle bus will be located east of the Target store in the parking area - enter the Eagle Rock Plaza parking structure from Sierra Villa Drive, near Colorado Blvd. A map indicating these locations is provided on the website.

School Bus Parking 

School busses should enter campus at the intersection of Ridgeview Avenue (Bird Road on campus) and Campus Road. Students, devices, and team support materials will be dropped near Bird Road and Gillman Road as directed by campus security. Busses will exit and park as directed by campus security. Parking is extremely limited. Busses are encouraged to drop off and then leave the area around campus. 

Parking Shuttle 

A mini bus will shuttle passengers between the Eagle Rock Plaza parking lot and Occidental College. Please park in the area east of Target. The shuttle will depart from the upper level. Look for the "Fast Deer" bus. Drivers may ride the shuttle to retrieve their cars and return to pick up students/passengers etc. As space on the mini-bus permits, students may also ride to the remote lot but please do not transport large items on the shuttles. Courtesy indicates that if there is a waiting line to ride the shuttle, that drivers only take the bus to the remote parking lot and then return to pick up passengers on campus. This shuttle bus service is provided in an attempt to facilitate parking arrangements and make your day at the Science Olympiad a little more convenient. The parking shuttle will run from about 6:30 AM through 5:00 PM, but the driver will take a lunch break during which service will be interrupted.

Team Staging Areas 

Teams are welcome to select a location for a "home base" during the Science Olympiad. The location of team staging areas is important to the safety of all Science Olympiad participants. Maintaining emergency access is essential. The available space for setting up team staring areas, including canopies, folding chairs, etc. is shown on a campus map posted on the website. It is important that staring area be set up only in these areas. Please review the map and follow the directions of campus security. Your staging area should be off the paved areas, as these provide emergency access and clearance.

Please use good judgment and courtesy as you arrange your areas/shade canopies. The paved areas (which are off limits) provide natural lines and space. In some of the more open grassy areas, you will need to cooperate to establish access and space. Courtesy also indicates that your area should be limited and not include several canopies. Canopies should not be larger than 12'x12.' There is simply not space to spread out as much as you might prefer. We are very grateful for the support of Occidental College - please do all you can to be courteous guests on campus. Teams are not permitted to select and reserve a location the day before the Science Olympiad, or before sunrise on Saturday.

IMPORTANT: All shade canopies must be constructed of a flame retardant material and must be tagged indicating compliance. The Fire Marshall or Campus Security may check for these tags and may require that canopies not in compliance be removed. Fire requirements prohibit cooking and any open flame. Under no circumstances should you cook or reheat food during the day. 

Food Service on Campus 

Occidental College has arranged for the following on-campus food service options for the day of the Science Olympiad. Please be prepared to bring and pay with cash as credit and debit cards are not accepted. The following times are estimates and subject to change.

Green Bean Cafe 7:00 am – 4:00 pm
Marketplace 7:30 am – 2:00 pm
Tiger Cooler 1:30 pm – 11:00 am  

No Cooking or Open Flames 

No cooking or open flames of any kind are allowed on campus. 

Lost and Found 

A "Lost and Found" will be set up at the Registration area in the morning and moved to the Bengal Room later in the day. Please note that Occidental College Campus Safety does not lead the Lost and Found process. The helpful officers on campus do not have information about lost and found items. 

Parent Volunteer Assignments 

Parent Volunteer Assignments are posted on the website and were forwarded to you via email. You can either ask 1 parent volunteer to complete the assignment or several parent volunteers to split up the time. Please review the instructions online.


The Occidental College bookstore will be open from 8:00 AM to 4:00 PM. The bookstore includes a variety of items that you may need at the last minute and some really cool branded items to help you remember your participation at the Science Olympiad. A discount is available for Science Olympiad participants and a coupon is posed online. 

First Aid 

Please bring a first aid kit and be prepared to take care of minor first aid needs of your team. Be sure to review the protocols and standards set by your school district, including the use of any over-the-counter (OTC) medications that might be in the first aid kit or brought to the Science Olympiad to accommodate the needs of the participating students, teachers, chaperones, or guests. 

For injuries beyond the scope of minor scrapes and first aid needs, or for incidents where assistance is needed, please contact Campus Safety at 323-259-2599. If you have called 911, contact Campus Safety without delay after that call.  


Follow us on twitter @LACoSciOly  We will be updating there with any last minute information/changes. 

Photography on the Day of the Event 

We may have media and official photographers on the day of the tournament. We will use color-coded wristbands to indicate photo release, but students without photo release should assist by staying away from areas where photos or video are being recorded. Adults on campus during the Science Olympiad should manage themselves and stay out of areas being photographed if they do not wish to be included in photos. 

Photography of Devices and Performance 

Please note that individuals can only take pictures of a device if the device belongs to the photographer's affiliated school. In the case that a team wants to take pictures of another school's device(s), permission from the owner of the device(s) must be given.

Please refer to the National Science Olympiad Media Recommendation and heed unacceptable scenarios 1 and 4. If your team has a unique design that you do not want other teams to use, please make sure you take the needed action to protect it by covering the device in some manner. 

Awards Presentation 

Be prepared for a range of temperature conditions in the stadium. The bleachers for spectators are made of concrete and cushions, pillows, and blankets are recommended. The afternoon sun sets across the field, so hats or visors may be a good idea. Students and coaches will sit on the track for the awards presentation; cushions, pillows and blankets are a good idea there as well. There is limited space on the track and spectators should remain in the stadium bleachers. Please do not bring chairs onto the  track. Important: the athletic department has asked us not to walk on the field. Check local weather forecasts in advance and be prepared for a range of weather conditions. 

Before exiting the stadium and bleachers, check the area around your team for any personal items and trash and be sure the area is completely clean before leaving. Our courtesy and attention to leaving the stadium and bleachers entirely clean is important. 

Concerns and Event Feedback 

The Elementary Science Olympiad focuses on fun and team collaboration and is  organized as a team competition where competition is downplayed in favor of fun, exploration and trying new things. Events are scored in a way that allows all students to be scored without breaking ties or ranking schools against each other. We appreciate feedback from coaches about the events and concerns that you may have. The official coach may share concerns with the Science Olympiad Organizing Committee during the course of the tournament, or via email following the day. No students or parents are permitted to engage Science Olympiad volunteers or leaders regarding such feedback.

Although a formal appeal and arbitration process is not part of the elementary tournament, if you feel that an event includes a fundamental deviation from the spirit of the event, please register that concern with the Elementary Science Olympiad leadership in the Bengal Room, located across from the concession stand. Only the head coach of the team can submit an appeal. 

Rain or Shine 

The Science Olympiad is a "Rain or Shine" event. If there is rain, we will attempt to conduct all of the events, unless it is unsafe or not reasonable to conduct the event fairly. There is no option for teams to shelter indoors. Teams may bring a shade cover and are advised to watch the weather forecast as the day draws near and bring appropriate clothing. Please do not crowd indoor spaces, which could result in officials shutting down the event. 

Experience has shown that if there is light rain, most teams will be fine and have a really fun day, in spite of the rain. If rain is heavier, some teams may determine that they would prefer to return home, which is fine. No notification is required.  

Science Olympiad Handbook 

A helpful set of tips, answers to questions you may not have thought to ask, and other information is listed in the Science Olympiad Handbook. This document can be downloaded as a PDF from the website. 

Preparing for the Elementary Science Olympiad 

The Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad includes priorities and protocols that are unique to the tournament. Some tips for preparing students are shared in a document that can be downloaded as a PDF from the website.

Duplicate Any Needed Maps and Schedules

The Science Olympiad will not be providing paper campus maps and schedules at registration. Please download, print and distribute any maps, schedules or other document that your team may need. Consider things like volunteer assignments, etc.

New Schedule and Map App

An integrated schedule and map is available that allows you to review the schedule, create individual schedules for students, and find the rooms. This may be useful to students and adults associated with your Elementary Science Olympiad team.