If the official Head Coach of Record* of the team feels that an event has been conducted in a manner inconsistent with the Official Event Rules in the Coaches Manual, he/she may file an Appeal using the official form posted on the LA County Science Olympiad Web site.

Please be aware that only the Official Head Coach of Record can file an Appeal. Students and any other adult associated with the team cannot file an Appeal on behalf of the team.

If the official Head Coach of Record determines that an appeal needs to be filed, it must be presented to the Event Supervisor with an explanation as to the reason for the Appeal. Whenever possible, please try to resolve any concern(s) at the event site level.

If agreement about the concern is not possible, complete the Appeal Form and both the Event Supervisor and Head Coach must sign the completely filled out form before submitting to the Arbitration Team for a ruling and decision.

The purpose of the Appeal Form is not intended to provide general feedback about the program or an Event. The purpose of the Appeal is to resolve issues about the application and administration of the rules for an event. We do welcome general feedback, but encourage you to provide this information following the conclusion of the tournament.

*Head Coach of Record is the person entered on the Online Registration Application as coach.