Mission Possible C

Question: In rule 3b for Mission Possible it states that two vertical walls and the top must be open for viewing. Can we use supports on the edges/corners of these open areas to make our device sturdier? The two sides and top would remain open, there would just be extra support on the corners/edges. (Section: 3 / Paragraph: b / Line: 1)

Response: Yes, there may be supports on the edges/vertices. There may even be supports in the middle of the "wall", so long as they do not significantly hinder observing the device's internals.

Question: Is it allowed to launch multiple quarters, and if so, will points be awarded if all quarters  trigger the next reaction and not all end tails-up? (section: 4 / part:  / paragraph: b / sub-paragraph: x / line: 1)

Response: No. Only a single quarter may be used for 4.b.x..

Question: National FAQ: Is the use of electricity allowed in non-scorable actions? (section: 3 / part:  / paragraph: g / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

Response: No, electricity is not allowed in non-scorable actions.

Question: National FAQ: What defines "programmable component"? Would a thermostat temperature controller be considered "programmable"? (section: 3 / part:  / paragraph: i / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

Response: There may be some thermostats that are non-programmable, but many are. The team could be at risk using a digital one. One that moves physically to complete the next action could be allowed if the judges see that it is not programmable.