Mission Possible

Question: Per National FAQ 10/17/2018, a team should use a balloon that is marketed as a balloon. When students use such marketed balloons, can they alter (for example: reduce in size) or cut off parts of the balloon? (Section: 4 / Part: b / Paragraph: i / Line: 1)

Response: This is up to the event supervisors on the day of the tournament. They must be able to verify that "part of such balloon" was indeed a marketable balloon, or at least, per the National FAQ, that the part would still "be considered a balloon to most people who see it".

Question: If a balloon is placed on the floor of the device, is it consider guided? (Section: 4 / Part: b / Paragraph: i / Line: 1)

Response: Yes, a balloon that inflates along the floor would be considered guided. Per the National FAQ definition of guidance, there would not be "enough room between the balloon and the other parts of the machine to allow the balloon to move randomly".