Mission Possible

Question: National FAQ: Can the ping pong ball indirectly cause the golf ball to move, or does it have to be moved with direct contact between the balls? (Section: 4 / Paragraph: a / Line: 2)

Response: Yes, the rules do not say the ping pong ball has to come in direct contact with the golf ball, just cause the golf ball to move and start the next action.

Question: National FAQ: Do the scorable actions in the device have to be in order as in the packet (b.i. , b.ii. , b.iii. , b.iv. , etc.) or can they be in any order as long as you list on the ASL what it is? (Section: 4 / Paragraph: j / Line: 1)

Response: No, the scorable actions may be in any order within the device and listed on the ASL in the order they are within the device.

Question: National FAQ: Would a lead object permanently encased in a safe material be considered hazardous? (Section: 3 / Paragraph: j / Line: 1)

Response: Yes, a lead object permanently encased would be considered hazardous and not be allowed.