Mission Possible C

Question: National FAQ: Are products marketed as "resistance programmable" allowed so long as they do not use software? (section: 3 / part:  / paragraph: i / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

Response: No, anything labeled programmable would not be allowed per rule 3.i.

Question: National FAQ: Can the battery be under the influence of a magnetic field if it is not directly touching the magnet? (section: 4 / part:  / paragraph: c / sub-paragraph:  / line: 4)

Response: No, per Rule 4c the battery must be free standing. If it is under the influence of a magnetic field, it is not free standing.

Question: National FAQ: Does the completed extension of the Final Action deduct from the dimension score or is it excluded from the measurement of the devices dimensions? (section: 5 / part:  / paragraph: h / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

Response: The extension of the completed Final Action is not part of the measured device dimensions.

Question: National FAQ: What qualifies as 'guided' for the balloon? (section: 4 / part:  / paragraph: b / sub-paragraph: i / line: 1)

Response: Any part or piece of the machine placed strategically to direct the balloon toward the part of the machine it is designed to strike. There must be enough room between the balloon and the other parts of the machine to allow the balloon to move randomly. Examples might include but are not all inclusive - A wall, tube, object, material, wires, string, weights, etc.