Potions and Poisons B

Image from:  Bishop Ludden Library

Q: Can you clarify the type of "...any needed probes" that may or may not be used and their purposes as noted under the "Event Supervisor will provide..."? (section: 2 / part:  / paragraph: d / sub-paragraph:  / line: 2)

A: For example, the Event Supervisor may ask students to measure the pH of a solution to a higher precision than pH paper is able to determine. In that case, the Event Supervisor will provide the necessary probe(s) needed to get the additional precision.

Game on B Will Be Replaced by Codebusters B


The Los Angeles County Regional Science Olympiad and the Southern California State Science Olympiad will run Codebusters B instead of Game On B.

This event substitution will facilitate fair and timely scoring as well as event logistics. This substitution will align with other state and regional Science Olympiad organizations.

The rules for the Codebusters B event can be downloaded here.