Fossils B

Q: National FAQ: Will binders be measured using the binding or the rings? (Section: 2 / Paragraph: a / Line: 2)

A: Binders will be measured by the size of the rings. A 3" binder has rings that have a 3" diameter on the inside of the rings. The binding of a 3" binder will be larger.

Question: National FAQ: Cannot find the Official S.O. Geologic Time Scale. Found a reference in old 2010-11 event that went to a dead GSA site link, so I assume you're using the latest GSA Time Scale (v. 5.0), but that is not the way it's described in the rules. (section: 3 / part:  / paragraph: d / sub-paragraph: viii / line: 1)

Response: The Official Science Olympiad Geologic Time Scale was modified from the Geological Society of America Time Scale and is available on the Science Olympiad website.. The Geologic Time Scale was updated in 2018, but the Science Olympiad Official Time Scale will have 2019 in the title, to reflect use for the 2018-19 season.