Circuit Lab

Q: Are the breadboards mentioned limited to solderless breadboards, or will they involve soldering? (Section: 3 / Paragraph: b / Line: 1)

A: Only solderless breadboards will be used.

Q: Define the word "Basic." What is considered a Basic Multimeter? What is not considered a Basic Multimeter? Could it be digital? Auto ranging? What part is discretionary? (Section: 2 / Paragraph: d / Line: 1)

A: Basic multimeter refers to those devices that are hand-held, battery powered, analog or digital, manual or auto ranging, measuring volts, amperes and ohms. Multimeters with advanced features, such as graphing, time waveform displaying, fft/frequency-domain functions, non-contact voltage sensing, current clamp probes are not considered basic. Whether to allow participants to use their own multimeters is at the discretion of the event supervisor. For example one regional supervisor may allow it, while another regional supervisor may not and require all participants to use multimeters they provide.