2019 Tentative Division A Event List  

The events listed below are the events tentatively planned for the 2018 Elementary Science Olympiad. A description of each event is found in either the Elementary Science Olympiad Coaches Manual or is provided as an addendum to the manual. Each registered team is expected to purchase an Elementary Science Olympiad Rules Manual from the National Science Olympiad website: www.soinc.org. Event rules will be clarified and/or adjusted to accommodate the schedule and local circumstances. Events may be added or deleted, as changing circumstances require.

A is for Animal Anatomy (Event is not in the manual. Click for A is for Animal Anatomy event description.)
Barge Building
Bottle Biology (Event is not in the manual. Click for Bottle Biology event description.)
Can Race
Chopper Challenge
Crime Busters
Deep Blue Sea
Don’t Bug Me
Egg Drop
Food for Thought
Food Webs … Owl Pellets
(Event is not in the manual. Event Description will be provided.)
Making & Using a Key
Mystery Architecture
Paddle Boat Construction
Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile (Event is not in the manual. Event Description will be provided.)
Rubber Band Catapult
Tennis Ball Catapult
Watch It/Write It (Event is not in the manual. Click for Watch It/Write It event description.)
What Went By?
Write It/Do It

Event(s) in boldface formatting are new for 2019
Event(s) in italic formatting are not in the manual; descriptions will be provided.

Note: Events may be altered from the description in the manual. Watch for clarifications and event updates.

Event Times: All events will be completed in 30-minute time blocks, unless otherwise noted in the schedule. In all cases, the schedule will take precedence over the time suggested in the Elementary Science Olympiad Rules Manual.

Important: A maximum of up to fifteen (15) students may participate on each team the day of the Science Olympiad. Although many students may prepare, explore, learn, and enjoy the preparation for the Science Olympiad, you will be limited to fifteen students on your team on the day of the Science Olympiad tournament. Most events are organized for two students from each school team to participate—you will select two students to represent your school in the event. You may not send more than one set of two students to participate in any given event unless an exception is published for a certain event(s). Yes, this often means that some students may represent your team in only one or two events.

You can download a copy of this list 2019 Tentative Division A Events.