Using Notes in Elementary Science Olympiad Events

Question: Can students use notes in events?

Response: In general, notes and reference materials are permitted unless they are prohibited in the rules.

Some important points to consider are summarized below:

When notes are allowed in an event, the notes may not interfere with the stations or arrangements associated with the event. If stations are used, there may not be space for notes on the table at the station. If the event involves a paper and pencil answer sheet, there may not be room for the notes at the desk.

If the notes are cumbersome due to their size or configuration, the event supervisor may direct the students to put the notes away. There may not be available space to open and flip through a binder, for example.

Notes may not be practical in elementary events since they are 30 minutes in duration. This may require that the logistics of conducting the event vary from the description in the rules manual. If an event is conducted as stations where students rotate to different stations, there may be only a minute or two at each station. Students will have little opportunity to refer to notes, reference materials, identification keys, or other notes. while at each station.