Official Event Description: A is for Animal Anatomy

A is for Animal Anatomy


This event will consist of a written test in which the contestants will view models, slides, and pictures to identify organs from the following animal body systems. Both structure and function will be tested in a series of written questions. 

  1. Skeletal 

  2. Digestive

  3. Respiratory

  4. Circulatory

  5. Nervous

  6. Sensory

The Competition

Every team will be given an answer sheet. Team members may consult with each other by writing (no talking). Only one answer for each question will be accepted. Team members will move through 20 stations answering approximately 40 questions.  

Questions will be at the stations or in a test booklet.

Number of Students


30 minutes 


On-Line Resources







At the end of the testing period, the questions and answer sheet will be collected from those teams who have not turned in their responses. Time is not a factor in scoring. 



2019 A is for Animal Anatomy chart.jpg

 Click here to download a printed copy of the A is for Animal Anatomy Event Description.