Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad Part of National Science Olympiad Network

The Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad is part of a vast network of local, regional, and state Science Olympiad organizations. As such the LA Regional Science Olympiad is entitled to send a number of the top finishing teams in the Antelope Valley College and Occidental College competitions to represent the Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad at the Southern California State Competition. The state competition is a function of the Southern California State Science Olympiad. To be competitive at the state competion the Los Angele Regional Science Olympiad has agreed to hold all 23 official events at the upcoming 32nd Annual Regional Science Olympiad to be held in February and March 2018.

The number of regional teams chosen for the state competition is determined based on the total number of teams in each of the participating regions. Each region is allocated a proportional number of the total number of teams of all registered teams in all regions.

The winning Division C and Division B teams at the state competition go on to represent Southern California at the National Science Olympiad tournament.