Registration for the 33rd Annual LA County Science Olympiad Opens September 1, 2018

Registration for Division A, B, and C teams to participate in the 33rd Annual Los Angeles County Science Olympiad opens on Saturday, September 1, 2018 at 12:01 AM. Registration fees remain the same as last year ($300/team for Division A; $325/team for Division B and C). 

Team will need to provide evidence of liability insurance coverage as has been required for past Science Olympiad competitions. 

Additional information will be posted on this Web site as it becomes available.


Tentative Dates for the 2019 Science Olympiad Have Been Announced

Tentative dates for the world's largest Science Olympiad competition have been announced at LA Regional Science Olympiad headquarters. These dates are announced now to aid teams in preparing for the 33rd Annual Los Angeles Regional Science Olympiad. Because the number of teams participating in the LA Regional Science Olympiad will be held at three different venues.

These dates take into account a variety of challenging logistics and venue constraints. The dates were also chosen in consultation with the Southern California State Science Olympiad in order to align more fully with regional timelines across the nation. All dates are Saturdays.

The 2019 tentative dates are:

  • Division A, B, and C • Antelope Valley College • Saturday, January 26, 2019
  • Division B and C • Rio Hondo College • Saturday, February 23, 2019
  • Division A (only) • Occidental College • Saturday, March 2, 2019

Registration is expected to open September 1st so watch this Web site for confirmation. Information will be posted on this website when remaining details are determined. As always, registration will be first-completed, first-registered. Keep an eye on the website–please do not rely on an email blast as addresses change and other email errors may occur.

Note: It is expected that LA Regional will again host Elementary Science Olympiad tournaments, but the capacity at Occidental College and Antelope Valley College may be limited. We strongly suggest that you consider hosting an elementary tournament in your local area. The regional Science Olympiad is eager to support those efforts.

Final Scores are Posted for the World's Largest Science Olympiad at All Venues and All Divisions

Final scores for the World's Largest Science Olympiad have now been posted for Antelope Valley College Divisions A, B and C, Occidental College Division A, and Rio Hondo College Divisions B and C. 

The World's Largest Science Olympiad Los Angeles County Science Olympiad included

  • 86 Division A teams (grades 4-6)
  • 66 Division B teams (grades 7-9)
  • 79 Division C team (grades 9-12)

And more than 3,400 student competitors. The 32nd Annual Los Angeles County Science Olympiad was so large it was spread out over 3 weekends. It is truly the World's Largest Science Olympiad competition.

Scores > 2018 Team Scores

Preliminary Scores for Divisions B and C at Rio Hondo College Have Been Posted

The PRELIMINARY scores for both Divisions B and C have been posted for the Rio Hondo College competition. All scores undergo review and are subject to change if scoring errors or discrepancies are found. 

Head coaches of teams competing at Rio Hondo College have until 5:00 PM on Tuesday, March 6, 2018, to email the Regional Director ( regarding any scoring concerns or issues.

Scores > 2018 Team Scores

FINAL Schedules of Events Posted for Rio Hondo College

FINAL Schedules of Events for Division B and Division C at the Rio Hondo competition have been posted to this Web site. These schedules are for the version of 2/28/18 7:52 AM; download and update your schedules as needed.

NOTE: It possible that these event schedules will change–but not likely. This schedule may change depending on room availability, equipment or materials needs, or other conditions. 

Events/Schedules > 2018 Event Schedules > 2018 Division B FINAL Schedule of Events at Rio Hondo College
Events/Schedules > 2018 Event Schedules > 2018 Division C FINAL Schedule of Events at Rio Hondo College

New, Free, Web App for L.A. County Science Olympiad Available

We are pleased to announce the emerging development of a WebApp that should facilitate your participation at the Science Olympiad. This is a field test of theWebApp for the Science Olympiad at Rio Hondo College. Check it out.

Event Locations

The app will show the approximate location of the events. This should help your students, volunteers, chaperones, etc. to find their way around campus. 


The app includes a schedule where individuals can select their events and have them saved in a personal schedule. Try it out.

Additional Features

There are links to a PDF version of the schedule and a campus map. A variety of other features are under consideration. You are an important part of the testing of the app. Your feedback is welcomed on this pre-alpha version of the software.


Although the information in the app has been reviewed and updated to match the anticipated Final Schedule at Oxy, rooms and venues may be subject to change. Any last minute changes may not be reflected in this app. The published schedules rule! Last minute updates at check-in, if they are announced, rule! Changes posted on Twitter (@LACoSciOly) rule!

At this sage of development, the app resides online. There is nothing to download. Your selections as part of the app are retained in your cache on your device. Try the app on a phone or tablet that you will use during the competition at Science Olympiad.

Thanks to the development team that has been working hard on this development! And thanks to you for being part of the field test.

Parking Map Posted for the Rio Hondo College Competition

Parking for students, team coaches, volunteers, and other adults is available ONLY in lots labeled "Team Parking". Those lots are A, C, E, J, L, and 1–6. Parking in other lots will result in a citation. 

Rio Hondo College is sponsoring free parking on campus for the Science Olympiad. Of course, if you park in a staff lot, or in violation of posted signs, it will certainly not be free and could include a citation, fine, or even include towing.

NOTE: Please make copies of this parking map and distribute to your drivers, parents, relatives, and other guests. Make sure they understand areas where they may park while at the Science Olympiad.

Maps/Logistics > Rio Hondo College Parking Map