Team Registration and Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad!

  • General information about the Science Olympiad sent to schools can be reviewed on the Informational Bulletin No. 4652.
  • Registration of all teams will occur on-line via a link on this website and will be completed when required documents and payment are received, as described below.
  • The following registration information is provided for your reference.

Space is limited

Team registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-registered basis. Each school may send one team of fifteen students. No space is available for multiple teams from a school. Your Rules Manual will be available for downloading from the National Science Olympiad. Your registration application is complete when 1) the on-line application is submitted (see below), 2) the school site principal responds to an email verification message received after the online application form is filled out, 3) the 2018 Intent to Participate form is received, and 4) your payment is received.

Registration deadline is Friday, October 26, 2017 or when available team slots are filled, whichever comes first. Late registration may be available if space permits.

Membership Fees

Participation in the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad includes membership in the National and State Science Olympiads and is required. Fees cover local, state and national memberships, the cost of the development of the events and on-line publication of the Coaches Manuals, tournament medals, team trophies and plaques, insurance, event materials, and the infrastructure requirements of the events and host venue. Teams may not participate in this County tournament without membership in the state and national organizations.

Team Registration Fees
Junior and Senior Divisions (B & C) $325.00*
Elementary Division (A) $300.00*

*Special Note: The Los Angeles County Science Olympiad will not be distributing the Elementary Olympiad Coaches Manual or Division B or C Coaches Manuals. The Elementary Olympiad Coaches Manual is the same as it has been the past several years. If you want a new Elementary Olympiad Coaches Manual, you can purchase one at the National Science Olympiad Store. It is expected that each participating elementary team has a copy or will purchase a copy of the manual, which may be used for several years.

This year the Division B and C Coaches Manual will be posted for on-line downloading. Printed copies of the Coaches Manual will also be available for purchase. The Division B and C manuals will be available for download after September 5, 2017. Visit the Science Olympiad Store at:

Important: Team Composition

In keeping with National Science Olympiad regulations the following practices are part of the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad:

  • Grade levels by division:
    Division A – Elementary School: Grades 4-6
    Division B – Middle School: Grades 6-9
    Division C – High School: Grades 9-12
  • A maximum of 15 students may participate on any team.
  • A maximum of five 6th grade students may participate on a Division A team.
  • A maximum of five 9th grade students may participate on a Division B team.
  • A maximum of seven 12th grade students may participate on a Division C team.  
  • K-5 elementary schools may invite five of their last year’s 5th grade students to be part of the team
  • Middle schools may invite five of their last year’s 8th grade students to be part of the team.
  • A maximum of five students from teams of the previous year, now in the 9th grade may participate on a grade 6-8 Middle School team.
  • Students on the team must be from the membership school; and a school is considered to be a separate school if it has a separate administrator. Recruiting from neighboring schools, districts, counties or states is not permitted.
  • Each team must submit a roster of students, which includes the grade level of each student. The completed Team Roster is due at Registration the morning of the Science Olympiad competition.

Payment of Team Registration Fee Online

You may pay the team registration fee online using PayPal. PayPal is a secure, online, payment processing service used by the Southern California Science Olympiad. There is an additional payment processing fee of $10 that covers handling and verification of all electronic payments including debit and credit cards. The processing fee is built into the PayPal option for each team registration.

A PayPal account is not needed to pay team registration fees. Team registration fees can be paid with an existing PayPal account, debit or credit card (Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express), prepaid gift card, or PayPal credit. You also have the option of creating a PayPal account at the time of payment.

Payment of Team Registration Fee by Check or Money Order

As an alternative to online payment, registration fees can be paid by checks or money orders and should be payable to "Southern California Science Olympiad." No purchase orders are accepted. Note: all registrations are tentative until payment is received and/or cleared. 

If paying by check, mail payment to Southern California Science Olympiad, 2130 E Mariposa Ave #5, El Segundo, CA 90245.


One ADULT volunteer for every 5 students entering the competition must assist on the day of the Science Olympiad. Assignments are generally 2 – 3 hours in duration.

Certificate of Insurance

A "Certificate of Liability Insurance" or "Evidence of Coverage" Certificate is required in order to attend and participate in the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad program. Specific language is required when completing the certificate of insurance. Instructions and required language on the Certificate of Liability Insurance or Evidence of Coverage certificate are posted in the Forms and Documents section of this Web site.

Intent to Participate and Participation Releases

The school principal/administrator must sign the completed 2018 Intent to Participate form. Returning a digital copy of the Intent to Participate form is preferred. Scan and make a PDF or take a photo (JPG) of the completed form with signature. Return a digital copy of the completed form  (PDF or JPG ) via email to: As an alternative, fax the Intent to Participate to: (562) 401-5405. Otherwise, send the completed paper form via US Mail to: Gary Widdison, Los Angeles County Science Olympiad, Los Angeles County Office of Education, Clark Building, CIS 9300 Imperial Highway, Downey, California 90242-2890.

Other forms are also required and must be submitted on or before the day of the competition. All forms are available on this Web site.

Online Registration Application

You can register a team for the upcoming Los Angeles County Science Olympiad using this online form. Do not send a hard copy of this form. When you complete this online registration you will receive a confirming email at the email address you entered in the Coach's Email section of the form.

Remember: Each school may send one team of fifteen students. No space is available for multiple teams from a school.

By submitting the online registration application, you agree to abide by all the rules and codes of conduct associated with the Science Olympiad, including those posted on this website and discussed in Los Angeles County Science Olympiad Handbook.

Don't Forget: Your registration is not complete until a digital copy of the 2018 Intent to Participate (signed by the school principal/administrator) and team registration fee have been received.  

NOTE: Clicking on the button above will open a new tab in your browser. After you complete your team registration you can return to this Web site by clicking on the open tab for Los Angeles County Science Olympiad Web site.