First Online Event is Posted for Division A

The first of the online events, Food Webs … Owl Pellets has been posted. Student teams will work on this event in their own school and then submit their observations, identifications, and conclusions about their findings from the owl pellet activity. For the second deadline students will submit their responses regarding owl habitats, owl food webs, and ecological considerations. For additional details about the Food Webs … Owl Pellets events see Official Description Food Webs … Owl Pellets


Selected Division A Events Are Posted

Some Division A events that are not included in the Elementary Coach's Manual have been posted in Rules/Event Updates > Division A Event Updates.

Recently added were official event descriptions and rules for

  • Watch It/Write It Event Description
  • Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile Event Description

You can double-click the event description to expand for reading, downloading, on reading online.

Important Changes to Division C Game On

Important changes to the rules for the Division C Game On competition have been posted on the Rules Update page of this Web site. Important: Rule changes/interpretations posted on this Web site are official and clarify, modify, and sometimes supersede rules in the Coaches Manual. 

Check the Rules/Updates > 2018 Division C Rules Updates often. 

Request For Rules Clarifications Available

Your questions regarding rules for the official events can be submitted online. Officials from the Science Olympiad will review then post answers to questions online where all coaches can read the answers.  Replies will be posted if they are not a repetition of what is already stated in the rules. Replies to requests for rules clarifications are posted in the **Rules/Updates** section of this Web site.  

Examples of questions that will not receive a reply: what materials to use, how to build a device, does my device comply with the rules, what will be covered on a test, can I borrow your goggles, or questions about how to coach an event.

Only Team Coaches may submit questions and receive replies.Submit questions on the For Coaches > Request for Rules Clarification page.

2018 Tentative Division A Events Now Posted

The tentative events for the 2018 Elementary Science Olympiad are posted in Events/Schedules section of this website. These events tentatively planned for the 2018 Elementary Science Olympiad. A description of each event is found in either the Elementary Science Olympiad Coaches Manual or is provided as an addendum to the manual.


Payment of Team Registration Fees Online Now Available


The link to pay team registration fees via the PayPal service is now available. A couple of administrative hurdles have been cleared and the PayPal service is now operational. Online payment of team registration fees can be made at Team Registration > Registration Payment. Thanks for your patience. 

2018 Instructions for Certificate of Insurance

The Los Angeles County Science Olympiad program directors, in coordination with the State Science Olympiad program directors, and Occidental College, Rio Hondo, or Antelope Valley Colleges as appropriate, require that your school/district provide us with a "Certificate of Liability Insurance" or "Evidence of Coverage" certificate in order to attend and participate in the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad program. Instructions for preparing and submitting a certificate of insurance can be downloaded at Team Registration > Registration Documents.