Preliminary Scores For Division A, B, and C Posted for Occidental College

Preliminary team scores for all events and team totals have been posted for Division A, B, and C participating at Occidental College. These scores are preliminary and will be reviewed for every event in each division. After review, and modification if necessary, will be posted as final scores. 

Head coaches of teams competing at Occidental College have until 5:00 PM on Monday, March 6, 2017, to email the Regional Director ( regarding any scoring concerns or issues.

Final Schedules for Division B and C at Occidental College Now Posted

The Final Schedule of Events for Occidental College have been posted for Division B and C. Note: These schedules, while Final, may still change because of room changes, equipment or material issues or weather. However, it is not likely that the schedules will change. 

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First Aid While on the Occidental Campus

Minor first aid is the responsibility of each team. Each team/school should maintain and have available a first aid kit for minor injuries the day of the Science Olympiad. Simple interventions and remedies are the responsibility of the school sponsoring the team and coaches should be prepared to respond to these minor needs. It is expected that each school maintain medical release forms and authorizations as required by the individual schools and districts and that coaches follow the protocols of the individual school districts.

In the event an injury requiring medical attention, the coach of the team should notify Occidental College Campus Safety at 323-259-2599.

The Science Olympiad has a long history of safety and we appreciate all that you do to insure that your students are healthy, safe, and supervised.

Important: New Postings for All Divisions on the Website Related to Occidental College Venue

A number of important documents have been uploaded to the Web site related to the Occidental College venue. Be sure to read/download all information relevant to your team.

  1. Volunteer assignments for Divisions A, B, and C. Make sure your volunteers know their assignment and where to go to assist with the appropriate event. Link: Volunteer Assignments for Occidental College
  2. A new Occidental College campus map has been uploaded showing parking locations, vehicle entrance and drop off locations, shuttle bust stops, and campus locations for team shelters/canopies.  Link: Occidental College Map
  3. New Pre-Final Schedule of Events for Division A at Occidental College. Link: Division A Schedule of Events
  4. New Pre-final schedule of Events for Division b at Occidental College. Link: Division B Schedule of Events
  5. New Pre-Final Schedule of Events for Division C at Occidental College. Link: Division C Schedule of Events
  6. Parking Map and directions. Link: Occidental Parking Shuttle Arrangements
  7. Updated schedules for food service on campus has been posted. Link: Food Service at Occidental College

Occidental College Volunteer Assignments for Each Team are Now Posted

Volunteer Assignments

As you are aware, one condition of having a team participate in the LA County Regional Olympiad is to provide volunteers to assist in running various events during the competition.

The volunteer assignments for your school have been posted. Volunteers are important to the success of the Science Olympiad. Please see that your volunteers arrive at their assigned events before the event begins.

Parent Volunteer Assignments for Antelope Valley College 
Parent Volunteer Assignments for Occidental College