Tennis Ball Catapult A

tennis ball catapult.jpg

Q: It states in the event description, "Students may place their catapult at any point behind the foul line up to 2 meters..." Does the entire catapult need to be behind the foul line, or does the tennis ball's launching point just have to be behind the foul line?  Also, the diagram has 2-4 meters from Foul Line to Target, but the "Description" says, "target placed between 2 and 5 meters." Which one is correct? (section: 6 / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 2)

A: The entire catapult needs to be within the designated launch area.
Students should be prepared for a target distance of up to 5 meters.

Q: Will the team be able to use their chart to make adjustments during the competition (section: 1 / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: Yes. Students may refer to data charts during the operation of the catapult.