Official Description: Watch It/Write It Event Description

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Watch It/Write It requires a team of students to observe some phenomena presented by the event supervisor and then describe the phenomena and their ideas about the phenomena using words, drawings, diagrams, labels, etc. Watch It/Write It emphasizes observation, communication and developing and using models.

Students should be prepared to observe carefully and develop a written model to represent their observations.

Number of Students

Up to 2 Approximate Time: 30 minutes


Paper will be provided.
Students must bring sharpened pencils or pens and may bring colored pencils or pens.


The Watch It/Write It challenge is designed to require students to observe carefully and describe their observations in words, pictures, diagrams, etc. The written description presents a model of the phenomena as well as the students’ ideas about what is going on and why. Students’ preparation might include making a variety of observations of natural or man-made phenomena and describing the ideas in writing.

Examples of phenomena might include:

  • Observe the operation of toys or simple science experiments.
  • Observe phenomena multiple times to check for missed observations.
  • Practice describing the steps of a process in words, diagrams, pictures, etc.
  • Practice ways to represent forces or unseen parts of a phenomena with words, symbols, etc.
  • Practice explaining ideas about observations and why some phenomena is happening.


Scoring is based on the ability of the students to observe carefully and represent their observations in a written model that describes their observations clearly and describes their ideas about the phenomena. 


Download a printed copy of the official description of Watch It/Write It.