Official Description: Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile Event Description

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The 2018 Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile will include the challenge to design a cart that can carry a ping pong ball.

The event will follow the rules for the standard Pastamobile event listed in the official Elementary Science Olympiad Competitive Tournament Rules Manual from the National Science Olympiad, with the exception that size of the cart may be increased in order to accommodate the ping pong ball load. The maximum size listed in Procedure 2 from the rules is increased to 30cm x 15cm x 30cm.

Number of Students

Up to 4


Ping pong balls will be provided by the event supervisor.


  • The ping pong ball will be a standard size and weight, competition grade, ping pong ball, supplied by the event supervisor.
  • The ping pong ball must be carried by the cart without the use of any adhesive.
  • The ping ball will be loaded at the top of the ramp while the cart is in a vertical position and should remain on the cart as it travels.
  • Scoring will be the same as the criteria listed in the official rules, with additional points for Pasta (& Meatball) Mobiles that successfully carry the ping pong ball the entire length of the run with the ball still in place when the cart stops moving.

Scoring priorities include:

  1. Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile that meets the specifications as outlined above.
  2. Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile is able to complete the run essentially intact.
  3. Distance traveled by the Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile within the 1.5m lane.
  4. Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile successfully carries the “meatball” the entire length of the run (until it comes to a stop).


Download a printed copy of the official description of Pasta (& Meatball) Mobile.