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Q: Are teams allowed to create their own sounds in advance for the competition? (section: Southern California Rules Change / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: Sprite and background creation)

A: No. The State Rules Clarification specifies only sprites and backgrounds as allowable "pre-constructed... game assets or files".Q: 

Q: State clarification (section: 2 / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: )

A: Southern California Science Olympiad will be using the scoring rubric found at Partial credit will be applicable for all portions of the grading rubric (e.g. half points).

Each team will be allowed to create their own sprites and backgrounds for the competition. If teams are planning to use sprites and backgrounds from the Internet, then they must be under creative commons or royalty free. It is recommended that teams create their own sprites and backgrounds themselves using Scratch. These sprites and backgrounds will be provided in folders labeled by team name on the day of the competition, however the contents of these folders will be accessible to all participants.

Information regarding the theme and submission method will be announced before the competition. Late submissions are not allowed, and teams will not be allowed to bring sprites and backgrounds on the day of the competition. All sprites and backgrounds will be reviewed prior to the deadline. In the event that the submitted material is unacceptable, the team will be promptly notified.