National FAQ: What is meant by "a calculator dedicated to computation" and are there specific calculator models that are allowed? (section: 2 / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: The phrase “…a calculator dedicated to computation…” refers to a standalone or dedicated calculator. With these calculators their functionality is limited to mathematical calculations or associated activities such as running simple computational programs or producing graphs. This means that digital or electronic calculators such as those found as an application on a computer, tablet, watch, or cellular phone are not permitted for use in Science Olympiad events. In some events there are no limits to the functionality that the calculator may possess. In other events, the calculators may not have features that allow them to run programs or create graphs. With the ever-changing landscape around calculators and other personal electronic devices Science Olympiad is not in the position to be able to review and permission specific calculator manufacturers or specific calculator models. In every case, the decisions of the Event Supervisors concerning the acceptability of a specific calculator type for an event at a tournament shall be considered final.