Battery Buggy

National FAQ: May battery packs be used in place of individual AA 1.5 volt batteries? (section: 4 / paragraph: b / sub-paragraph: i / line: 1)

A: No. They must be individual AA batteries as specified in the rules. Battery packs are not allowed.

National FAQ: Are programmable devices allowed? (section: 3 / paragraph: e / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: No, programmable devices are not allowed. Rule 3.e. explicitly limits electrical components to ONLY those listed, and programmable devices use components not allowed by this rule.

National FAQ: Can a timer relay be used?m(section: 3 / paragraph: e / sub-paragraph:  / line: 2)

A: If the timer relay is entirely mechanical then, yes. But If the timer relay has any capacitors, integrated circuits, or other components that are not explicitly permitted by rule, then answer is no.