Q: We can not find any motor controller that is not built with some kind of integrated circuit. Even the one that was provided to my child by his science Olympiad advisory has a small integrated circuit. Additional guidance is needed with regard to acceptable motor controllers.  We need resources for vendors that sell motors w/o integrated circuits.  If kids are expected to build their own board then they would need resources where they can get diagrams of motor controllers w/o integrated circuits that can handle the required volts and amps. " (section: / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: )

A: Note there is an official rules clarification related to this, available at: https://www.soinc.org/official_rules_clarif : "Brushless motors and integrated circuits are not permitted, unless they are an integral part of and are imbedded into a commerically available electronic or computer cooling fan."

Q: What modifications are allowed to be made to the hovercraft during impound and eight minutes of vehicle testing?  (section: 5/ paragraph: i / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: Per General Rule 1, Actions and items (e.g., tools, notes, resources, supplies, electronics, etc.) are permitted, unless they are explicitly excluded in the rules, are unsafe, or violate the spirit of the problem.