Mission Possible

National Rule Clarification: Section 4, Paragraph d, Subparagraph i. should say “… See 5.l. for additional Levers Bonus.”

Q: Regarding Inclined Planes it States "Raised vertically at least 10.0 cm". Does that mean raised 90 degrees from the ground or just 10.0 cm in an upward direction along the Inclined Plane? (section: 4/ paragraph:  s/ sub-paragraph:  iii/ line:2 )

A: An inclined plane must be used to raise an object at least 10.0 cm vertically. The vertical distance is measured at a 90 degree angle and must be at least 10.0 cm. The object does not have to travel at a 90 degree angle but overall must rise 10.0 cm vertically above where it started before the object initiates the next action.