Food Science

Q: So the experimental part will not include the energy of a food product but will there be other parts with experimental pieces? (section: 2,3/ paragraph:  a,b/ sub-paragraph:  i., ii, iv., v., vi, vii., / line: 3,1)

A: Only the student built nonelectric calorimeter in 3.b. will not be included. Students are still responsible for other experimental tasks in other parts of the rules.

Q: What does "any seed" mean?  (section: 3/ paragraph:  a/ sub-paragraph:  / line: 2)

A: Definition of seed. : a small object produced by a plant from which a new plant can grow This requires the knowledge that NO part of the fruit may be used because over time it can become rotten and students should not be exposed or working with this part in any capacity. Therefore, it is truly the smallest component from which a new plant can grow.

Q: For the nutritional labeling questions, should students be using the 4cal/g for proteins and carbs and 9cal/g for lipids? Or should they use 4.1cal/g for carbs, 9.5cal/g lipids, 5.7cal/g for protein? This second set of numbers was used in the key at summer institute, but most coaches I have spoken to use the first set. Please clarify. (section: 4/ paragraph:  1/ sub-paragraph: i / line:1 )

A: Questions regarding how to coach the event will not be answered.