Engineering Design

Q: The rules for Engineering Design say that you cannot use any new materials after the original materials list is submitted, but what about their revisions? Shouldn't new materials be allowed? (section:  6/ paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 7)

A: The 2017 Engineering Design challenge includes design and problem solving design within certain constraints, and one of those is the materials.

No new materials should be used in the design revisions.

It might also be interesting to let them explore and come up with an entirely new idea - but that would be a different challenge. In this case a priority is to limit the focus and allow revision only within the constraints of the initial materials.

Q: Can students use a metal cup?  (section: First due date/ paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 7)

A: Yes. A metal cup is acceptable, as long as it meets the other requirements. That is, it must be a common item available at food store.