Engineering Design

Q: What if our devices require different items from the materials list from the first due date? Sometimes revisions require new materials. (section: First due date/ paragraph:  3/ sub-paragraph:  / line: 2)

A: No additional materials are permitted after the original design and materials list have been submitted. While students may have new or better ideas after the initial testing, the intent of the event is to revise the design within the limits of the original materials list. Adding new materials would be an interesting, but different event.


QDoes the liquid have to be cooled in a cup? (section:  Description/ paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: Yes. The design challenge is to cool the "Lemonade" in a cup of the common variety that would be available in a food store.

Q:  The online submission requires background research.  I understand that references are to be used to conduct this research, but I'm not sure how to present the research.  Should we provide a paragraph or two summarizing our findings?(section: 7/ paragraph:  1/ sub-paragraph:  / line: 2)

A: You may decide how best to present your findings. Written paragraphs are reasonable. Please reference text and online resources in your summary.

Q: Under first due date it states they cannot add items to their design once the plans are submitted. Under the 2nd due date, it states that students have made at least 2 revisions to their device based on experiments using "distilled water".  Can the device only be revised with the materials already submitted or can new materials be added based on findings and trials? Aren't revisions based on findings? If the findings conclude that the original materials listed aren't working, then can't they be changed? (section: 3/ paragraph: 1 / sub-paragraph:  / line:2 )

A: No new materials are to be added after the initial submission. The intent is to revise the existing design, not create a new design. See a similar question posed and posted in the clarifications section of the website.

The "lemonade" is mixed by the students using distilled water.

Q: Are there any specific requirements for the dimensions of the Engineering design? When are the dates of each submission required by?  (section: A11 / paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: )

A: The due dates are listed online - check the tab labeled "Online Events." There is no specific size requirement for the device. Reasonability and common sense indicate that the students must be able to handle and manipulate it without adult assistance.

Q: Do we use distill water?  (section: Recipe for Lemonade/ paragraph:  / sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: Yes. The instructions indicate that distilled water is to be used.