Division A MODIFIED Weather or Not Event Description Online

The 2017 Weather or Not event will be administered in an online game format.

The event will follow the rules for the standard Weather or Not event listed in the official rules manual from the National Science Olympiad, with the exception listed below. 

Participants will be required to bring one internet-enabled device (iPad, Android tablet, Chromebook, iPhone, laptop, etc.) The device must be able to connect to the guest network at Occidental College. Note: If the device can connect to public WiFi networks it will be able to connect to the Occidental public, guest network. You can test your connection at any McDonalds, Starbucks or other place with "free WiFi."

Teams will be directed at the event to a website to take the quiz.


  • Item three (3) listed in the official rules will not be included in the 2017 competition. The competition will include:
  • Student teams will be given a test on basic weather terms and techniques. Material may include cloud charts, simple scientific weather instruments (such as thermometers, barometers, etc.) weather patterns, severe weather photos, major weather events/disasters of the past years and other weather charts, graphs, tables, photographs, drawings, diagrams, or videos.
  • Questions may also include states of water, water cycle, weather terminology, atmosphere, weather instruments and their function, seasonal changes in weather, weather safety and types of severe weather and watches/warnings.