Preliminary Scores for Divisions A, B and C Have Been Posted for Antelope Valley College

Preliminary scores for all divisions at Antelope Valley College have been posted on this Web site in the Scores section.  Note: Scores listed as "preliminary" are subject to change. All event scores are reviewed by the Science Olympiad team for discrepancies, errors, and/or other irregularities in scoring.

Division B Food Science: Calorimeter Will NOT Be Included in the Competition

Q: Will the five pages of notes be collected to grade the calorimeter data?  (section: 2/ paragraph:  a/ sub-paragraph:  / line: 3)

A: No, Part 2, the calorimeter device part of this event will not be conducted.

Q: How much data is required for the calorimeter calibration included in the 5 pages of notes? (section: 2/ paragraph:  a/ sub-paragraph:  / line: 3)

A: Since this part of the event isn't going to take place, we will not be answering this question. Thank you.

Q: Will students be required to bring their calorimeter to the competition for grading purposes? (section: 3/ paragraph:  b/ sub-paragraph:  / line: 1)

A: Since this part of the event isn't going to take place, we will not be answering this question. Thank you.

Final Schedule Posted for Division A at Antelope Valley College

The final Schedule has been posted for Division A at Antelope Valley College on the Events/Schedules page of this Web site. IMPORTANT: While final, it is possible that this event schedule will change–but not likely. This schedule may change depending on room availability, equipment or materials needs, or other conditions.

Weather update for the Science Olympiad at Antelope Valley College

The Saturday weather forecasts for Lancaster have been changing regularly a couple of times a day. The storm approaching Southern California are of considerable interest. For now the forecast is cool temperatures (in the high 50s) and showers likely. 

We suggest that teams plan accordingly. Reminder: There is no indoor shelter where students and adults can retreat to in the event of rain. It is up to each school to bring a canopy and/or appropriate rain gear to deal with the uncertainty of the weather. Individuals are not permitted to crowd into already busy hallways and common areas on campus if it rains. 

Here is additional information about the Science Olympiad to be held at Antelope Valley College on Saturday: Rain or Shine: Science Olympiad Weather Update for Antelope Valley College